The complete August 2021 social media holiday calendar.

Here are the most important (and strangest) holidays, events, and hashtags for social media managers and digital marketers to know in August 2021.
Roza Tsvetkova
July 21, 2021 - 4 min. read

August is such an exciting month for our social media calendars! From World Photo Day to tons of cute animals’ days – it will be a great month for social media managers and their communities.

August 1, World Wide Web Day #WorldWideWebDay

August 1, Respect for Parents Day #RespectForParentsDay

August 2, National Coloring Book Day #NationalColoringBookDay

August 8, International Cat Day #InternationalCatDay

August 9, National Book Lovers Day #NationalBookLoversDay

August 10, National Lazy Day #LazyDay

August 11, National Sons and Daughters Day #SonsAndDaughtersDay

August 12, International Youth Day #YouthDay

August 12, World Elephant Day #WorldElephantDay

August 13, International Lefthanders Day #LefthandersDay

August 15, National Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay

August 16, National Tell a Joke Day #NationalTellAJokeDay

August 19, World Photo Day #WorldPhotoDay

August 19, World Humanitarian Day #WorldHumanitarianDay

August 20, National Lemonade Day #NationalLemonadeDay

August 26, National Dog Day #NationalDogDay

August 26, National Women’s Equality Day #WomensEqualityDay

August 1

World Wide Web Day #WorldWideWebDay

This is the day to celebrate the inspiration and knowledge we receive from the web. It’s dedicated to the online activities that connect us and let us share ideas and wisdom.

Here’s an example of how Wix approached the holiday on Twitter:

August 1

Respect for Parents Day #RespectForParentsDay

It’s time to show respect to all parents around the world for their selfless commitment to their children. Let your brand be creative and join in on the holiday.

August 2

National Coloring Book Day #NationalColoringBookDay

Get the crayons and markers out! It’s time to color your social media posts because it’s National Coloring Book Day. How will your brand relate to it? Here is how Adobe engaged their audience in 2020:

August 8

International Cat Day #InternationalCatDay

Meow! Let’s celebrate this amazing animal that most of us adore and have as a best friend. Don’t forget that the photos and videos with cats are among the most beloved content on social media. So, tune in and share a kitten-related post, just like this Australian insurance company, NRMA Insurance, did. They connected their product to the holiday in a fun and smart way.

August 9

National Book Lovers Day #NationalBookLoversDay

Calling all book lovers! Engage your brand in this wonderful holiday that celebrates how books open new worlds for all of us and make us dream. Here is how Pixar did it:

August 10

National Lazy Day #LazyDay

It’s a day to relax, but don’t be lazy to show off your brand on social media. Be creative and use the opportunity to engage with your audience just like Sandals Resort:

August 11

National Sons and Daughters Day #SonsAndDaughtersDay

National Son’s and Daughter’s Day brings parents and their children together for quality time. Make sure your brand is part of those gatherings by sharing a special message on social media.

August 12

International Youth Day #YouthDay

The International Youth Day is initiated by the UN. It gives an opportunity to celebrate young peoples’ voices, actions, and initiatives and their meaningful engagement in our societies. Join the festivities and show your brand’s appreciation on social media.

August 12

World Elephant Day #WorldElephantDay

What an amazing animal the elephant is! Can your brand relate to it in a special way on social media on this holiday? Here is how the Oregon Zoo did it:

August 13

International Lefthanders Day #LefthandersDay

It’s time to honor lefthanders across the world! Find a smart way to engage with your audience on social media, just like Budweiser did.

August 15

National Relaxation Day #NationalRelaxationDay

Sit down, relax, and open your social media channels. This holiday gives your brand a great opportunity to be creative and bring a smile to your fans’ faces, just like JetBlue did it:

August 16

National Tell a Joke Day #NationalTellAJokeDay

Show your sense of humor and share it with your followers on social media. Can you make your community laugh? Here is how Microsoft did it:

August 19

World Photo Day #WorldPhotoDay

What a beautiful day for all visual lovers. It’s also a great opportunity to share your favorite photos on social media and engage your audience. Check out how BMW did it:

August 19

World Humanitarian Day #WorldHumanitarianDay

It’s the day when we honor real-life heroes —- all health care and front-line workers around the world responding to COVID-19 and other public health emergencies. This day is a good moment to show your brand’s respect to them.

August 20

National Lemonade Day #NationalLemonadeDay

Make a splash on social media and refresh your fans just like a lemonade would do in the summertime!

August 26

National Dog Day #NationalDogDay

This month is full of celebrations of great animals! It’s time to beat the drum in honor of the puppies. Don’t miss out on relating your brand to this holiday and get viral on social media with one of those cute images or videos of dogs.

August 26

National Women’s Equality Day #WomensEqualityDay

Women’s Equality Day recognizes the day when voting for women officially became part of the US constitution. This was a turning point in the history of equal treatment of women and women’s rights. Let your brand pay respect for it on social media.

Final thoughts

It’s time to wrap up for August. If you are looking for the complete monthly social media calendar, click on the download button below and save the image that pops up.

Have a great August!

August Social Media Holiday Calendar.
Here are some of the key and fun dates to help you plan your content calendar.