The Complete October 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar.

Here are the most important (and strangest) holidays, events, and hashtags for social media managers and digital marketers to know in October 2021.
Roza Tsvetkova
September 17, 2021 - 5 min. read

October is such an interesting month for our social media calendars! From World Animal Day to Halloween — it will be a great month for social media managers and their communities.

October 1, International Coffee Day #CoffeeDay #InternationalCoffeeDay

October 1, World Smile Day #WorldSmileDay

October 1, World Vegetarian Day #WorldVegetarianDay

October 2, International Day of Nonviolence #InternationalDayOfNonviolence

October 3, National Techies Day #TechiesDay

October 4, National Taco Day #NationalTacoDay

October 4, World Animal Day #WorldAnimalDay

October 5, World Teachers Day #WorldTeachersDay

October 8, World Octopus Day #WorldOctopusDay

October 10, World Mental Health Day #WorldMentalHeathDay

October 14, National Dessert Day #DessertDay

October 14, World Sight Day #WorldSightDay

October 15, Global Handwashing Day #GlobalHandwashingDay

October 16, Bosses Day #BossesDay

October 16, World Food Day #FoodDay

October 21, Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

October 24, United Nations Day #UNDay

October 25, Greasy Foods Day #GreasyFoodsDay

October 30, Checklist Day #ChecklistDay

October 31, Halloween #Halloween

October 1

International Coffee Day #CoffeeDay #InternationalCoffeeDay

This is the day to celebrate the amazing taste of coffee and the energy boost it gives us. So, whether you are a coffee lover or not, consider engaging with your community on social to talk about coffee.

October 1

World Smile Day #WorldSmileDay

What better day than this one to make your social media community happy! Put a smile on your brand’s face and bring one to your followers. Whether by sharing an appealing piece of content or creating a special giveaway, don’t miss joining this joyful holiday on social.

October 1

World Vegetarian Day #WorldVegetarianDay

This is the day to celebrate a healthier, more socially responsible way of living. Can your brand relate to vegetarians? Here is how Body Shop did it:

October 2

International Day of Nonviolence #InternationalDayOfNonviolence

This holiday was created in honor of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. It’s a day when we preach nonviolence with our communities on and off social media.

October 3

National Techies Day #TechiesDay

Techies Day is when we inspire our audience on the power of tech and recognize the significant innovations it brought into our lives. The tradition for this day initially started to help high school students become educated about careers in technology back in 1998 by with the support of CNET Networks. Will your brand celebrate the techies?

October 4

National Taco Day #NationalTacoDay

What a yummy day to celebrate on social! Here is how Toyota’s brand-related to this foodie holiday:

October 4

World Animal Day #WorldAnimalDay

This is a beautiful day to recognize all animals in our lives. It is also a great time to acknowledge all people worldwide who care for their safety and lives. Here is some inspiration on how brands have done it:

October 5

World Teachers Day #WorldTeachersDay

Shoutout to all teachers across the world who educate and inspire us! Tap into the conversations around this day, just like Barnes & Noble did.

October 8

World Octopus Day #WorldOctopusDay

The octopus is one of the most intelligent marine creatures and today is its day. Irrespective of whether your brand is related to the underwater world or not, you can find creative ways to join the celebration around it on social media.

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October 10

World Mental Health Day #WorldMentalHeathDay

Social media is a shared community, and we need to help each other in moments of trouble. Initiated in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health, this day is perfect for your brand to show respect to your audience in need or just raise awareness.

October 14

National Dessert Day #DessertDay

Here comes the sweetest holiday this month! No matter what your brand is cooking in the business kitchen, engage on social deliciously today.

October 14

World Sight Day #WorldSightDay

We must admit, our eyes get a bit tired from all the screens we work or play with all day. This is the day to give yourself a little break and offer comfort to others as a brand on social media. Here is how LG did it via a special offer:

October 15

Global Handwashing Day #GlobalHandwashingDay

This day is an excellent reminder for all of us on why we need to wash our hands, especially in pandemic times. Here is how the EU engaged on social media around it.

October 16

Bosses Day #BossesDay

It’s time to give thanks to your favorite boss! Whether you recognize them on your social media channels or create a special promo for all bosses out there — use the opportunity to connect with your community.

October 16

World Food Day #FoodDay

It’s time to talk and wow all foodies across the world! Get in touch with the culinary side of your brand and start a conversation on social.

October 21

Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay

This holiday gives you a great opportunity to understand more about your customer persona on social media. So, be creative and engage with them just like Standard Bank did:

October 24

United Nations Day #UNDay

Let’s celebrate all good deeds coming from the UN. How will your brand tap into the conversations? Here is the majestic Empire State Building in action on social:

October 25

Greasy Foods Day #GreasyFoodsDay

Things are going to get messy when they get greasy, but not on social media! Prepare your brand for yet another foodie holiday in October.

October 30

Checklist Day #ChecklistDay

All social media managers love checklists, right? So, let us celebrate this occasion with our communities. The legend says that this holiday was initiated by pilots creating checklists to secure safe landing. So, how will your brand fly with this on social media?

October 31

Halloween #Halloween

Trick or treat! Who does not love this time of the year? This is when the pumpkins become superheroes, and our brands can take the stage on social media to be creative and playful. Let us see some inspiring examples:

Final thoughts.

It’s time to wrap up for October. If you are looking for the complete monthly social media calendar, click on the download button below and save the image that pops up.

Have a great October!

October Social Media Holiday Calendar.
Here are some of the key and fun dates to help you plan your content calendar.