The Complete September 2021 Social Media Holiday Calendar.

Here are the most important (and strangest) holidays, events, and hashtags for social media managers and digital marketers to know in September 2021.
Roza Tsvetkova
August 20, 2021 - 4 min. read

September is such an interesting month for our social media calendars! From International Day of Peace to National Coffee Day — it will be a great month for social media managers and their communities.

September 3, National Lazy Mom’s Day #NationalLazyMomsDay

September 4, National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

September 5, International Day of Charity #CharityDay

September 6, Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay

September 6, Labor Day #LaborDay

September 8, International Literacy Day #LiteracyDay

September 11, National Day of Service and Remembrance #PatriotsDay

September 12, National Grandparents Day #NationalGrandparentsDay

September 12, National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay

September 21, International Day of Peace #PeaceDay

September 22, Hobbit Day #HobbitDay

September 22, First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall

September 29, National Coffee Day #NationalCoffeeDay

September 30, International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay


September 3

National Lazy Mom’s Day #NationalLazyMomsDay

The first Friday of September is dedicated to all amazing and busy moms who dedicate their lives to the family. It’s a day to celebrate their devotion and let them sit back, relax, and delegate their parenting job to someone else.

This is also an excellent occasion for brands to tap into social media conversations with mothers and offer them a reason to relax. Here is how the Italian wine company Stella Rosa made a special invitation for a tropical tiki drink to celebrate the day and create a viral post.

September 4

National Wildlife Day #NationalWildlifeDay

On this day, people and brands encourage each other to improve and preserve the life of endangered species around the world.

You can also consider raising awareness for the sake of the wildlife in a creative post, like this one by Charge cars:

September 5

International Day of Charity #CharityDay

On this day, you can show the human side of your brand and join conversations on social media around charity.

The International Day of Charity brings awareness and enhances social responsibility across the world, and it is a great opportunity for your brand to show solidarity for such causes.

September 6

Read a Book Day #ReadABookDay

This is the perfect day to encourage people to dive deep into a nice book of their choice. It celebrates the horizons reading opens before us and all the good stories sitting on the bookshelves.

Is your brand ready to relate to a specific book on social media or simply raise awareness about this inspiring activity? Here is how Barnes & Noble tapped into the social media conversations around the holiday.

September 6

Labor Day #LaborDay

Labor Day is a special celebration of the dedication and achievements of the American workers, and every year it is honored on the first Monday of September. It was initiated by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

Ever since brands have been celebrating it together with the communities. Here are two examples of how they did it on social media last year:

September 8

International Literacy Day #LiteracyDay

On International Literacy Day, we celebrate the importance of education, knowledge, and human rights. The holiday was initiated back in 1967 by UNESCO and brought awareness to how important literacy is for societies worldwide.

If this resonates with your brand, find a way to celebrate this holiday on social media.

September 11

National Day of Service and Remembrance #PatriotsDay

On this day, we all take a moment to remember the anniversary of the catastrophic terrorist attacks on the USA of 11th September 2001. Many brands pay respect to the victims and their relatives by communicating with their communities on social media.

September 12

National Grandparents Day #NationalGrandparentsDay

Grandparent’s Day is a perfect opportunity to show our respect and acknowledge our grandparents’ contribution to our education and health. Grandparents play a vital role in every kid’s life, so brands should also show their gratitude and jump into conversations on social media.

September 12

National Video Games Day #NationalVideoGamesDay

National Video Game Day is a great opportunity for your brand to celebrate the joy of this kind of entertainment. So, bring your creativity on and create a special campaign or post on social media to celebrate the video game fans in your community.

September 21

International Day of Peace #PeaceDay

In 1981, the UN General Assembly established the International Day of Peace to bring awareness and strengthen peace across nations and the world. This day gives your brand an excellent opportunity to engage on the topic of peace on social and show your appreciation.

September 22

First Day of Fall #FirstDayOfFall

Somewhere in the world, this is the first day of fall. The new season brings new beginnings into our lives, so why not celebrate it as a brand on social media? Here is an example of how you can engage your community on this day.

September 22

Hobbit Day #HobbitDay

Hobbit Day is an excellent opportunity for your brand to celebrate two famous fictional characters: Bilbo Baggins and Frodo Baggins. So, jump on social media and connect your brand with the characters in two of the most famous books in the world: The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

September 29

National Coffee Day #NationalCoffeeDay 

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Well, on September 29th, you can translate that flavor into an engaging conversation with your social media community. Whether inviting them for a chat over a coffee or tapping into the topic with a relevant promotional campaign – grab a coffee and enjoy.

September 30

International Podcast Day #InternationalPodcastDay

It is time to celebrate podcasts! Whether your brand has one or not, use the opportunity to tune into conversations on social media, or why not initiate your own podcast?

Final thoughts

It’s time to wrap up for September. If you are looking for the complete monthly social media calendar, click on the download button below and save the image that pops up.

Have a great September!

September Social Media Holiday Calendar.
Here are some of the key and fun dates to help you plan your content calendar.