Social Media Strategy: Pruning Your Followers.

Our social reach is the crux of our social presence - it’s the range of how far our messages can be carried out.
Mary Liebowitz
June 12, 2014 - 2 min. read

To be truly effective in social media, the content that we spend time creating should carry into relevant networks that can use the information, and gain something from it. The relevancy of our communities and follower/following lists are the key to building healthy, compatible networks.

Every morning when I get to my desk, after I’ve cleared the spam accounts from my ads, I do some Zen pruning on my networks, clipping away the spam accounts and kids’ accounts.

A gentle nudge

For accounts that are in no way related to the work we do but may have been drawn into our social channels via visual ads, I use the block/unblock function on Twitter to gently nudge ourselves off of their Following list.  First, I block them, so that they are no longer following us – then I unblock them, and we’re disconnected.

A rough chop

Spam accounts on Twitter and bios that demand a #followback aren’t going to carry our engagement anywhere, so I just block them.

Under the new Facebook page layout, you have the ability to see recent likes to your page, and using the tool wheel, remove them from the page or ban them permanently. I spend a few minutes going through the list every morning to check for spam accounts (they have a thousand unrelated likes and spammy timelines) to be sure we’re not building out a large, dead audience.

I love impressive numbers and sharing with the team that we’ve increased engagement by x % in x amount of weeks – but unless our engagement is relevant, it has no real impact.

Facilitate new growth

If your bio introduces you as an entrepreneur, people are probably hoping for a significant percentage of entrepreneurial stories from you. If you start discussing unrelated topics, your followers could begin to drop off. Now that Twitter’s added a mute function, you might be losing an audience when you go off topic without even realizing it.

Whether or not you decide to maintain two accounts to keep your business and personal lives separate is up to you. Personally, I find those a little confusing, but I know it works for some people.


The best way to attract like-minded networks is to be consistent in content themes, and allow a qualified network to attract even more relevant followers. Delivering pertinent content will bring in the right followers and generate new, mutually beneficial connections.

Optimizing networks offer the best concentrated power in managing your social media channels.

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