Understand and Engage With Your Consumers At the Speed of Social.

Our thinking behind the Falcon.io and Brandwatch merger and what it means for you.
Ulrik Bo Larsen
October 6, 2021 - 3 min. read

With Falcon.io joining Brandwatch to begin a new adventure, I wanted to update the community on the progress being made and the approach we’re taking to building a world-class social suite.

First things first.

I’m incredibly excited to bring together Falcon.io and Brandwatch and combine our capabilities under the Brandwatch banner as a 1.000 person business. 

Falcon.io has always had a strong central nervous system that enables feedback loops between our customers, prospects, and product. It’s been rewarding to build such a customer-centric culture and business, and I’m delighted that the time is finally right to combine forces with Brandwatch. It’s been clear from the outset that we share so many values. 

I’m energized to move forward with this new organization — a combination that feels so ripe with potential. Let me tell you a little more about it.

The two pieces of the social puzzle.

I’ll start with the thinking behind why we’re merging Brandwatch and Falcon.io into a single business.

Brandwatch is the pioneer in digital consumer intelligence, offering customers AI-enriched social analytics at scale with its flagship platform Brandwatch Consumer Research. 

Falcon.io is a leader in its respective field and has an incredibly broad set of capabilities that help companies execute their social strategies.

Where Brandwatch offers the depth of insight and the understanding needed to build a successful strategy, Falcon.io has the breadth of functionality and the streamlined workflows needed for companies to take effective action.

In short, they’re the perfect match — the two pieces of the social puzzle. And together, we’re helping over 7,500 of the world’s most admired companies to understand and engage with customers at the speed of social.

Progress so far.

It didn’t take us long to get started. 

On day one of our merging, we launched the first of our joint product developments — the new Listen module in Falcon.io. It’s powered by Brandwatch data and AI and integrated with our Engage product. 

This provides a social listening solution for marketers who need to track brands and topics across the web to inform truly consumer-centric content strategies and more efficient responses to opportunities or potential threats as they emerge.

The future of Brandwatch and Falcon.io for our customers. 

For marketers and social media managers: Marketing activations that operate within Falcon.io will become closer to the great corpus of data and insight that Brandwatch can provide, enabling best-in-class monitoring across the life cycle of your campaigns. 

For analysts, market researchers, and other insights professionals: We will continue to build on and innovate with the in-depth capabilities, flexibility, and data integrations Brandwatch customers are accustomed to.

It’s long been my passion to build products with broad and deep functionality that are also a pleasure to use, and this is the mission I am working towards with our combined teams.

Right now, I want to pledge our teams’ commitment to being good custodians of the products our customers love, and to create delightful, streamlined experiences for all our customers, regardless of size, from buying through onboarding to using our solutions.

The world is changing fast, and organizations need to understand and act upon consumer insights while keeping pace.

Our combined business has the stability, the backing, the technology, and the expertise to help you work at the speed of social.