Social Selling. It's All in the Relationship.

Master the art of social selling by focussing on your social profile and relationships.
Mary Liebowitz
February 2, 2015 - 2 min. read

A key to effective selling has always been to be likeable – to be someone the customer can connect with. Social media offers the opportunity to conduct immediate research on someone before connecting with them to see if they’ve been consistently likeable.

Some people confuse social selling with jumping on Twitter with a “Have you heard about the latest in fitness and health? Check out my book on (insert diet fad) here! (link)”. Social engagement is a big part of social selling, but to connect with qualified leads and maintain your brand’s reputation, your engagement should be authentic and one-on-one.


In 2015, the art of social selling is all about the relationship. After carefully building up a social profile, sales professionals use social media monitoring and other data tools to identify relevant communities based on buyer personas and target markets. Then, determining which content sources provide relevant and reliable industry content, they begin curating content for distribution that can be a great resource for their communities.

It’s this personalized connection rather than the “spray and pray” approach of early social marketing that makes the difference.

Social selling happens when engagement opportunities are identified through social listening, and the salesperson delivers content that guides the potential customer towards their product.

the art of social selling


“Consumers are 77% more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust.”

We realize that potential customers value their personal time and space, don’t want interruption marketing, and conduct their own research when making a purchase. They also place more value on recommended products, and on their relationships with their communities.

By establishing relationships with potential customers, salespeople can use this personal relationship to represent their product and make better qualified sales.


“78% of salespeople are using social media to outsell their peers.” Research shows that active social sellers are pushing past their teammates and having tangible success in sales. Not only is it worth it to the business whose reputation and reach is growing, but it has the capacity to create well-informed sales leaders.

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