Bridging the Gaps In Social Selling.

We’re tackling the biggest challenges in social selling and improving our platform in the process. 
Caroline Henley
August 20, 2015 - 3 min. read

Do you have a social selling process set up in your company? While we have a crew of socially-savvy salespeople at Falcon, this summer, our marketing team jumped into the game too.

Our team has been reaching out on social media to people who have checked out Falcon in the past. We’ve been sending them social strategy tips and best practices, and other resources to help them in their social marketing–and keep Falcon top-of-mind in the process! In many cases, we struck up some great conversations.

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Imagine tending to a bed of roses–on the whole, you’re creating a beautiful bush, but it’s natural to also get stuck by a few thorns. We had some cases where we were ignored, or even criticized for soliciting over social media. Here are some of the challenges we came across along the way, and how we worked through them.

Getting personal 
Are you used to making yourself vulnerable in a work environment?

I’ve heard from some on the sales team that they are worried about using their Twitter handles to talk to people, because they don’t have thousands of followers and don’t post very often. I try to assure them that people aren’t staring at their follower count, shaking their heads in disgust.

Building out a smart social profile is easy. You can start by sharing your company’s updates and pieces of content, which are most likely thoughtfully-written and on brand with what you are selling. Building out your social profile with news and best practices in your industry is a great way to show that you are in-the-know: you have a wealth of useful information and you are there to help. 

Another challenge in making yourself vulnerable on social is the changing nature of social business. While many people are open to talking to business over social media, some people would rather not. I’ve come across a couple people who prefer LinkedIn to be used for business, and Twitter to be used for strictly personal use, and were ruffled when we reached out over Twitter. So how do you tread this line carefully and respectfully?

When venturing into new territory, there’s always going to be some trial and error. If someone is clearly not receptive to chatting on social, just remember to be cordial, but brief. Just as in real life selling, remember that social selling is all in the relationship.

Tracking who’s who 
Another challenge we came across: even if we have a group of people who we know are interested in one subject, like content marketing, how do we know which of those people we reached out to followed through to read more about it?

How do we know which outreach worked best, which conversations were compelling enough for a person to leave the social network and click over to our blog for more information?

Using tracking links, and prettying them up for social with a link shortener, is absolutely key. You can even drill this down to tracking each individual lead. That way, if a member of our team is talking to the potential customer again on social, or over the phone, or in person—we have a full profile of what exactly the person is interested in and has already read, and can skip over any additional introductions.

The 360 degree view 
We continuously work with our customers to develop our product. But we are also testing the waters using our own marketing efforts. We are finding pain points in the marketing lifecycle, then digging in and finding ways our tool can solve them.

We found that there is a tremendous amount of manual labor to get to the point where we can have a conversation with our leads. Someone might have expressed interest in Falcon Social in the past, but without having them fill in a huge form with all of their social handles, we have to find the information for each person on a case-by-case basis.

This is a well-known need, to have a tool that gives you a 360 degree view of your customer. We are working hard to solve this with each and every new feature and product we release.

We’re excited for what the future holds for online profile building: As we’ve learned over that last few months, the more insight you have into your audience, the better your chances of connecting with them. 

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