By Alexandra Zamfir

September 29th, 2015

Alexandra is our Social Buzz Specialist here at Falcon Social. She spends her days interacting with other social media influencers online, discussing the latest trends and sharing her expertise. You can connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Part of my job at Falcon Social is to reach out to marketers who might be interested in the social media best practices and handbooks we put together. The idea is—if we help marketers solve a pain point with these resources, they will then explore our platform and discover how our tool can help them even more.

I’d like to go over what has worked well for me to catch these marketers’ attention and what has worked best in my day-to-day social selling.

Social media outreach methods have become so varied and diverse, that keeping everything straight in your mind can fast become stressful and counterproductive (trust me, I’ve been there!). Beyond just your day-to-day tasks, if you are working in a team, it’s important to communicate a clear vision to your team members and align responsibilities.

Time is also very important, so you need to plan your day in order to get everything covered.

Here are the top four tips that have worked to get my social selling organized into a productive daily process:

Tip #1: Create tasks for yourself and book specified times in your calendar. You do not want to be disturbed with ad-hoc tasks when you need to concentrate most. For example, I have an hour booked each day when I looked at interesting topics in my LinkedIn Groups and try to add to the conversations going on there. And make sure when your calendar tells you to do something, you don’t keep clicking snooze!

Tip #2: Create a posting calendar. Use a social media calendar for the assets you are planning to send out. You’ll also want to schedule in times to check with the various groups and communities relevant to you, and see if there are any places where you might be able to jump in and add value to ongoing conversations.


Tip #3: Keep track of your social outreach. Where and how are you interacting with your audience? Is is through posts from your company’s pages, or your own personal social profiles? Add all of these into a list. Blogs and the pages you’ve found talking about similar subjects could also be a good idea. And let’s not forget about your social influencers–if they comment on a post, or share an article, they might be open to interact again with your company.

Tip #4: Leave time in your day to learn and discover new trends in your field. In the social space, new trends, ideas, tactics and tools emerge every day. As a modern (social media) marketer, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Thus, you must set aside time to explore, learn and discover these trends and more importantly how to apply them to your specific field. Subscribe to blogs and websites that tackle the topics that interest you, in addition to social selling.

Some of my favorite influencers to follow are: Tim Hughes, Kim Garst, Jack Kosakowski, Jason Burrows. (Feel free to share your favorites in the comments as well!)

I’ve also found these classes, webinars & podcasts to be particularly helpful:

Now that you have your daily social selling routine covered, it’s time to deep dive into the social selling process. Here are some tips on improving your social selling profile, and as well, advice on the value of social selling, no matter of the industry or type of business: How to Sell on Social Media.

How to Sell on Social Media.

Why use social selling, how to get started, and best practices.


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