7 Social Media Myths Debunked.

Believing social media myths can harm your marketing performance. Discover some of the most common social media misconceptions for business, and how to avoid them. 

November 20, 2015 - 1 min. read

In this webinar, Helle Tyllesen, Head of Customer Strategy at Falcon Social, covers the seven most common social media myths, and how you can market better by not buying into them. Listen to the webinar and discover: 

  • Major misconceptions businesses hold about social media
  • How these myths can harm your business’s social performance
  • The truths about social that can shape a successful strategy

Helle debunks the tall tales that are holding your business back on social, and gives you the real story so you can boost your marketing performance. Plenty of examples included. Click below to watch the webinar now.

7 Social Media Myths Debunked.

Watch the recording of Falcon's webinar and discover which misconceptions might hold your business back from being great on social media.
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