We have jobs. And dance moves.

Founded in 2010, we’re perhaps too mature now to still call ourselves a startup, but we’ve retained our startup ethos of encouraging autonomy, ambition, boldness and experimentation. Working in this kind of environment is a very rewarding choice, but it also requires a certain personality. We value open people who take initiative and aren’t afraid to fail, learn from mistakes, adjust, and try new things.

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“We are extremely lucky to have such a wealth of experience and expertise in our R&D team here at Falcon. Emerging from a broad range of engineering backgrounds, with successful projects and industry awards under their belts, our developers, designers and PMs continue to deliver their skills and commitment in realising our ambition to make Falcon the best social media tool on the planet!”

Niels Bjerg, VP of Engineering

Customer Experience

“I am so proud to lead one of the most passionate and dedicated group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Our Customer Experience team is filled with a wide range of people with different experiences, and cultures, all motivated by one thing: Ensuring our customers are positively blown away by a stellar customer experience through exceptional support, customised in-depth platform training and best practice guidance, deepening and strengthening of every customer relationship, and a never ending focus on exceeding every customers expectation. Our main goal is to make sure we have extremely happy customers that stay with us for many, many years to come.”

Jillian Falconi VP of Customer Experience


“Simplifying social media management for enterprises large and small is the main focus of Falcon’s team of product specialists. We have a multi-national, multi-talented mix of lively personalities who bring a hugely diverse and rich experience to Falcon. We consider our customers more as friends, and fill each others’ days with bags of team spirit, and of course a healthy dose of competition.”

Oliver Quittek, VP of Sales EMEA


“In a company that is so fast-growing, we are there as the duct tape of Falcon, to stay on top of that growth and change at all times. We do that by continuously challenging the current organizational status quo. By adding the terms "process-flow-chart", "excel" and "execution" to the Falcon vocabulary, we sharpen the Falcon landscape. Currently the team covers everything from Finance over Procurement to Employee Success. We are proud of our dedicated work ethic and thrive on the young spirit of the team.”

Anders Kloster, VP Finance

Commercial Operations

Data-driven decision making is a key enabler of Falcon’s growth. We aim to have full transparency over our business processes to be able to accurately identify and execute on growth opportunities. The commercial operations team is at the heart of driving this effort by implementing commercial tooling, standardizing processes for all commercial teams, collecting and utilizing data from operations, and driving large-scale cross-departmental change management projects. We love making other teams successful and proving the unseen backbone for the company’s success.

Deb Causebrook, VP Commercial Operations