We partner with the best in the business to provide our customers with the most innovative technology on the market.

Facebook Marketing Partner

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, has been awarded the Ad Technology and Community Management specialities. The partnership and specialities enable us to build a software that supercharges your ad campaigns, transform your social channels into customer service platforms, help you measure performance and develop effective marketing strategies through Facebook.

Instagram Partner is recognized as a specialist in Ad Technology and Community Management through the Instagram Partners program. As a partner, we complement Instagram’s marketing tools, simplifying and scaling success for businesses. Advertisers can easily manage ads throughout the planning, buying and optimizing process, and marketers can better interact and understand the Instagram community all within the Falcon platform.

LinkedIn Marketing Analytics Partner

The LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program is a global community of LinkedIn-approved technology and service providers that marketers can leverage to save time and improve campaign performance. Within the category of Marketing Analytics, partners offer technologies that help you prove ROI and make better marketing decisions on LinkedIn.

Google+ Pages Partner

Google+ has worked with several social media management companies to add Google+ functionality in their management tools. These companies provide brands and businesses more flexibility and power to run their Google+ pages. This includes tools to post and comment on Google+ pages, and create and manage circles.

Plugged Into GNIP

What does it mean to be Plugged In? Plugged In partners provide complete access to the platforms that matter. Plugged In partners are building their solutions on an enterprise-grade platform that’s architected to ensure you never miss a Tweet, Post, Comment or Like.

Zendesk Integration Partner

Integrating and Zendesk will give you a new way to moderate your social media content. The integration allows you to selectively engage in a meaningful two-way conversation with customers that contact you via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram. Automatically tag the Zendesk tickets or assign them manually to a Zendesk agent as you monitor the conversation in the Falcon platform.

Lexalytics Integration Partner

Lexalytics is the leading enterprise text and sentiment analysis solution.’s direct integration with their Semantria API product allows users to view social data as either positive, negative, or neutral. Lexalytics harnesses the power of Deep Learning, and understands the context of what’s being analyzed. No confusion between dirty windows and Microsoft Windows here. Through Semantria our platform supports 11 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Mandarin, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

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