See how you stack up against your competitors.

You never compete in a vacuum. With Benchmark, you can compare your brand to competitors and industry leaders to build a winning social strategy.

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Identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses.

With Benchmark, you can find out which parts of your social media strategy are contributing to your success while also uncovering opportunities to improve potential weaknesses.



Observe your competitors’ marketing strategies.

From posts and campaigns to hashtags and user interactions. Monitor your competitors and learn from their ideas, successes and failures just as you would your own.



Gain confidence in your social media strategy.

Take the guesswork out of your social strategies. Benchmark lets you know what to post, when to post, and how often to post to create a perfectly optimized social media strategy.



Look back to look forward.

Get a clear picture of what’s driving results with almost a decade’s worth of historical data from more than 100,000 brands across all major social media platforms.


All the Features

Multiple networks

Benchmark metrics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Content Analysis

All key content level metrics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Share of Voice

Compare your input to the conversation with those of your competitors.

Audience Size Metrics

Get access to the audience metrics you need to pay attention to.

Analyze Top Posts

Identify the content your fans and followers like to engage with the most.

Hashtag Analysis

Identify popular hashtags used by your target audience and in your industry.

Unlimited reporting

Unlike with many other platforms, there’s no cap on the number of reports.

Historical Data

Get instant access to seven years’ worth of historical data.

Easy Exporting

Export reports as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG or even PNG with just a few clicks.

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Your All-in-One Social Media Management Platform.

Falcon helps brands take their social media marketing efforts to the next level. Manage your social channels, talk to your customers, benchmark your performance and more—all from a single platform.

Discover new insights to power your social efforts.