Build Your Own Branded Pages.

Anyone can create branded campaign pages and forms with Build, with no designers or coding necessary.

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The do-it-yourself tool for marketers

Marketers need to be agile, so we created a campaign builder that allows anyone to design and publish top quality responsive pages.

Create pages in no time

You can either choose a template or create your own page from scratch. You can also upload images and video, and customize the URL for extra impact.

What you see is what you get

The campaign builder blocks make it remarkably easy to build your page. Key brand elements such as typeface and logo are customizable.

Preview by device

Avoid surprises by previewing how each page will appear on desktop, tablet or phone. It only takes one click of a tab.

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Track performance

Measure impact by adding tracking codes to analyze with Google Analytics, Facebook pixel and add metadata for search engine optimization.

Export data for retargeting

Any data collected from the forms you create can be exported to wherever you’d like to use it next. You can also use Facebook Pixel for remarketing.

Ensure sign-off

Build features user roles to ensure proper governance – with only authorized people allowed to publish.

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All the features

Many individual features – one powerful campaign builder

Template Gallery


Campaign Planner

Brand Governance

User-friendly builder

Inline text editor

Page dashboard

Custom domains

YouTube integration

Design templates

Facebook pixels

Visual modules

Exportable data

Custom scripts

Mobile responsive

Google Analytics integration

Form module


Permission levels

See it in action

Experience how easy and liberating it is to build your own responsive pages.