Know Your Audience.

Deliver personalized brand experiences to customers and prospects based on enriched individual profiles.

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Connect all your customer data

Leave fragmented marketing and silos behind. With Audience, all your customer information is gathered in a single profiles hub shared by the entire organization.

One profile for all customers

Every person who has interacted with your brand on social media receives a personal profile – listing available public information such as location, active networks and gender.

Enrich standard info with social data

Profile cards automatically list social media messages, comments or mentions from the individual. Salesforce CRM records can be synced, and CSV lists added, to aid enrichment.

Engage by segment

Reach the right audience with the right messaging and timing: use Listen data to identify segments to monitor, target or export to the relevant advertising platform.

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Add labels for filtering

Tag each profile with attribute labels that further enrich your knowledge of them, and that you can quickly define audience segments with.

Filter by topic

Filter Audience by topic to see what’s being discussed by who on social media. These aggregated trending topics could prove invaluable to your content strategy.

Deliver 1:1 customer care

Equip your customer care people with a ready-to-use record of all previous contacts on any channel.

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All the features

Everything you need to put customers first.

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Profile cards


Profile merging

Interaction history

Advanced filtering

Profile explorer

Merge detect


.csv import

Topic overview


Phrase extraction

Export to .csv

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