Social Media Advertising.

Manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising entirely within Falcon.

Create ad sets

It only takes a few clicks to create Facebook and Instagram ads to promote your carousel, image, video and link posts.

  • Just connect an existing Facebook ads account to Falcon
  • Features user roles with varying levels of authorization
  • Save time by repurposing and recycling multiple existing sets
  • Set how long your ads will run
  • There are no commission fees

Advanced targeting options

You can set targeting and objectives while creating your ad sets. Save your Audience to be reused in future ad campaigns.

  • Easily set-up ad set placement, budget and schedule
  • Create target segments based on location, interests, etc.
  • Define objectives such as link clicks, conversions or views
  • Create custom or lookalike audiences

Streamlined collaboration

Drop the email chains and spreadsheets. All communication, budget control and approvals can be handled in Falcon.

  • Use the approval flow to ensure top quality posts
  • Give access to external agencies and departments
  • Share comments and notes within the platform

Measure and adapt

Monitor each post and ad set’s real-time performance data. You can adjust campaigns to achieve the maximum ROI.

  • See cost per result and total spend
  • View the number of results such as link clicks, etc.
  • Compare paid and organic reach in one view

The Unified Social Media & CX Management Platform.

Listen, Engage, Publish, Measure and build stronger connections with your Audience. Falcon is how medium to enterprise-sized companies can take social media marketing and the customer experience to the next level.

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