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Use social media analytics to measure success.

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Track performance across channels

You can define the KPIs that matter to your brand or campaign, then track and adjust your social strategy to achieve the optimal results.

Unlimited reporting

Build unlimited custom reports based on the metrics of your choice. You can choose the Quick Report option to save time.

Avoid spreadsheets

Showcase your efforts and social ROI on clearer, more aesthetic reports with a variety of data visualization options. Quick Report templates are available.

Export and share

Reports can be exported as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG or PNG, and shared with just a few clicks. You can schedule emails to share reports with defined people at set times.

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Track channel performance

See how particular channels are performing, and make content adjustments based on contextual indicators such as time of day, audience, messaging or ad spend.

Monitor response times

Set service targets in terms of response times, then monitor and report on how well your teams are reaching them.

Benchmark against competitors

Compare how a channel performs against competitors’ or industry benchmarks to better scale your content and campaign performance.

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All the features

Use these analytics tools to see precisely where you stand.

Report Templates



Team Performance

Engagement metrics

Real-time performance

Historical data

Influencer scoring

Export as .pdf, .csv and .jpg

Customize and clone reports

Competitor benchmarks

Report templates

Pick and adjust metrics

Team performance

Unlimited reports

Add and edit modules

Advanced reports

Cross-network analytics

Compare organic & paid reach

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See how social media analytics give your strategy a benchmark for success.