Power Your Decisions With Data.

Break free from the spreadsheets. Measure makes social media analytics accessible to everyone with time-saving, easy-to-create reports.

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See cross-channel insights

Get the best overview possible with aggregated, cross-network metrics and KPIs. See where your efforts are paying off and adjust your strategy to match. Dashboards can display data from hundreds of channels without affecting load times.

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All your metrics in dynamic real-time

Social media never stands still, making real-time dashboards the more accurate and intuitive way to stay on top of your performance. Track and showcase all your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn metrics in these customizable dashboards.

So easy to build

Create great dashboards in seconds with our intuitive templates. Then, customize to your specific needs by adding, resizing and reordering each individual widget.

Create custom reports

Take advantage of unlimited reporting, with Quick Report templates and cloning to save time. Schedule automatic reports to be delivered straight to the emails of your choice.

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All the Features

  • Multiple networks

    Advanced metrics for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Instagram Analytics

    Measure the impact of your posts, video and Stories.

  • Custom reports

    The intuitive UI makes building your report simple and fast.

  • Unlimited reporting

    Unlike many other platforms there is no cap on the number of reports.

  • Open API

    Clear documentation makes exporting to other platforms simple.

  • Post level metrics

    100+ post level metrics for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Channel level metrics

    100+ channel level metrics for Facebook and Instagram.

  • Team performance tracking

    Set service targets to measure your customer response time.

  • Easy exporting

    Export reports as XLS, CSV, PDF, JPG or PNG with just a few clicks.

Networks supported by Measure
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Your All-in-One Social Media Management Platform.

Falcon helps brands take their social media marketing efforts to the next level. Manage your social channels, talk to your customers, benchmark your performance and more—all from a single platform.

  • “Great tool with impressive service. We have previously unsuccessfully tried to share content with some 35+ markets, but with Falcon the content sharing was done easily and very fast.”
    Customer Review - Charlotte H.
    Charlotte H.
    Social Media & Content Marketing
    Lexus Europe
  • “Great user-friendly experience. Very easy to use, everything is laid out clearly and you know exactly what each tab does.”
    Samantha R.
    Social Media Manager
    Flying Tiger UK
  • “With Falcon we can easily plan, publish and keep tracks of our activities while having a coherent presence.”
    Kenneth P.
    Social Media Coordinator

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See how social media analytics give your strategy a benchmark for success.