Know What’s Happening With Social Media Monitoring.

Social media listening keeps you up-to-date and ready to act when opportunities or potential crises arise. Draw insights from 2.7 million online sources.
Create a Listen project with a list of topics that you wish to monitor and see the number of mentions for each topic, understand consumer sentiment, demographics data and identify the influencers who talk about your brand on social.

Track trends and brand perception

Monitor social media and the internet to discover a goldmine of information: from trending topics and hashtags to how your campaigns are doing. You can see the results broken down by demographics, sentiment and influencers.

Go as deep as you like

Listen’s advanced parameters allow you to narrow the search down with variables such as keywords, word combinations and exclusions. You can set email notifications for unusual activity alerts and daily updates of selected mentions.

Discover new audiences

Each Listen project can be easily exported into Audience, where the surfaced profiles will be added to your data store and custom audiences. It’s a simple, highly effective way to identify genuine prospects you can draw real insights from on an aggregated level.

All the Features

  • Trend monitoring

    Inform your marketing strategy by tracking popular topics and hashtags.

  • Brand monitoring

    Avoid crises by monitoring how your brand is being spoken about.

  • Custom queries

    Track brands, topics, keywords and phrases; refine with advanced parameters.

  • Multiple languages

    Sentiment is available in multiple languages including German, Mandarin and Spanish.

  • Universal Filter bar

    View your collected data by keyword, source, demographics, influencers and content type.

  • Influencer Identification

    Discover which social media influencers are interacting with your topics of interest.

  • Sentiment analysis

    All mentions are marked positive, neutral or negative to help you prioritize.

  • Unusual activity alerts

    Set notifications to alert you if there is a spike in specific listen projects.

  • Campaign tracking

    Monitor your online campaigns’ performance, and compare in the Projects Overview tab.

  • Email updates

    Receive automated reports of trending topics and mentions directly in your inbox.

  • Custom Audiences

    Take any Listen project and create an audience from the individual profiles detected.

  • Easy data sharing

    Share your Listen project data via email with a link to a CSV download.

Networks supported by Listen
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