Instagram Publishing
With Falcon.

Plan, create, and collaborate on your Instagram strategy, including stories, videos and images.

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Create Visual Campaigns That Stay True To Your Brand.


Campaign Planning

Post in real time or plan ahead with our scheduling option to build out head-turning campaigns.


Content Calendar

See your published and scheduled posts in one refreshingly clear, easy-to-use and editable calendar.


Seamless Publishing

Receive timely notifications to the Falcon mobile app when your Instagram post is ready to go live.

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Photos and Videos

For your most highly curated moment, pick a photo or a one-minute video to showcase to your followers.


Carousel Posts

When your brand looks good from every angle, choose a carousel of up to ten photos and/or videos.



Take your followers on an authentic journey and give them an exclusive behind-the-scenes access.


Approval Flow

Avoid publishing substandard or even damaging posts with the simple and reliable approval flow.


Brand Consistency

Upload, store and post the most polished and on-brand photos and videos that represent your company.



Assign a team member to receive the notification when it’s time to publish from the Falcon Hub app.


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