The 2019 Social Media Data Report

Analyzing the Landscape of Social Media Post Performance.

What is this social media data report about?

At, we’re all about making social media easier and more understandable. That’s not always easy with constantly changing feed algorithms, new post types, updates and trends shaking up the industry. So, we dug into the social media post data within Falcon to answer the key questions social media professionals are constantly asking.

Some results in the study reaffirm what we thought all along, and others were strange and surprising. For example, we discovered:

  • Organic reach on Facebook actually increased by 257% between 2017-2019
  • The avg. engagement rate for Instagram posts is 10x higher than Facebook
  • LinkedIn posts with 500-600 characters get the highest amount of impressions

Sound interesting? Then prepare to have your mind blown by the full report, which contains massive amounts of extra discoveries, including an entire section on how hashtags influence reach and post engagement that’s not covered here.

Download the full report to access all of the insights gleaned from the study.

Social Media Data Report Highlights

The following pages explore some of the highlights from the study as well as provide additional insights into key questions that social media managers want to be answered.

Trends in Post Performance

Trends in Post Performance

Find out how the engagement rate on each social network has changed over the last 2 years.

Performance by Post Type.

Performance by Post Type.

Learn which post formats were the most successful on each social network, from videos to carousels.

Performance by Posting Time.

Performance by Posting Time.

Discover what hours and days of the week were the most (and least) effective at reaching audiences.

Performance by Copy Length.

Performance by Copy Length.

See how character count impacts reach and engagement, and view the ideal social media post length.

Report Overview

Before we began analyzing the data, we wanted to know: has organic reach really been decreasing on Facebook lately? What time should you post on Twitter to get the most likes and retweets? And is video content really more engaging to users than other types of posts?

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2019 Social Media Data Report.

Download the full report to get an understanding of the stats, facts, and trends defining the social media landscape.