Performance by
Post Type.

In this section, we compared different post types on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Specifically, we looked at which post types had the highest average impressions/reach and total engagements (i.e. the sum of all comments, shares, link clicks, etc.) on each platform.

It’s often claimed in the social media industry that posting specific types of content can help improve post performance. For instance, many social media experts and blogs have claimed that posting videos on Facebook will get more organic reach than posting images, links or text. We wanted to put claims like this to the test.

We used hard data to examine whether post formats were actually related to post performance, or if there wasn’t a big difference after all. For social media pros, these findings will help you craft a winning content strategy. It’s important to point out that all posts analyzed in the study were organic social posts.

Now, let’s see if all post formats are created equal.


Reach by Post Type

On Instagram, videos reached more users than either carousel posts or images. The average video post reached 3,407 users, while carousel posts (which can include images or videos) averaged 3,245 and images only 2,231.

Interestingly, videos got fewer total engagements on averages than carousel posts but still had higher reach. This could mean that users interacted with videos more quickly than other post types. It could also mean that Instagram’s feed algorithm was more likely to serve videos to users than the other post types.

For social media professionals, video posts on Instagram look like the most effective way to reach large numbers of users and spread brand awareness. Carousel posts are also promising in terms of their organic reach.


Average Total Engagements by Post Type

Carousel posts had significantly more total engagements on average than either images or videos at 188 likes, saves and comments. Videos followed with 136, while images were close to videos in terms of engagements at 126.

So, carousel posts appear to be the most engaging post format on Instagram. For social media pros who want to build community and interact with audiences, carousel posts may be a promising content type to focus on in the future.


Impressions by Post Type

On LinkedIn, posts are sorted by two types: articles, which are text-based posts, and rich posts, which have media attachments such as images, videos or links. Rich posts clearly got the most impressions on average at 1,729, almost 50% more than articles at 1,286.

This implies that the LinkedIn algorithm favors rich posts to articles. This could be because users were more likely to engage with rich posts, because LinkedIn’s algorithm gives priority to rich posts, or both.

For social media pros, this suggests that reaching a large audience on LinkedIn is easier with media attachments on a post. However, make sure to use a variety of media types as LinkedIn will penalize company pages for only posting a single type.

For a deeper understanding, see How the LinkedIn Algorithm Works in 2019.


Average Total Engagements by Post Type

Not only do rich posts get more impressions than articles, but they also get more clicks, likes, shares and comments. While the average LinkedIn rich post got 64 engagements, text-only article posts only got 46. These are still high total engagements compared to those seen on other social networks, however.

This tells us that attaching images, videos or links to LinkedIn posts makes them more engaging to users and gets them to reach a larger audience. Since rich posts have higher average impressions and total engagements than articles, it makes sense for social media pros to focus on a media-driven content strategy on LinkedIn.

2019 Social Media Data Report.

Are image posts more engaging than video posts? Download the full report to view stats on how image, link, carousel and video posts perform across the major social networks.