Connect Across Channels.

Our audience management section puts all your customer interaction history in one place, so you can deliver quality brand experiences everywhere.

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Centralize your customer base

Collect and collate your customer information in one profile card shared by marketing, customer support and sales.

Create enriched individual profiles

Each customer profile can be enriched with information sourced from across social media along with other information such as emails, gender and location.

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Target your efforts

Define aggregated customer segments by topic, so you can boost conversions with more relevant communication.

Discover new opportunities

Use Audience to create a specific segment you want to target; then expand your reach towards this and similar groups by exporting these segments to your preferred digital advertising platform.

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30,000+ marketers trust in Falcon

“Great tool with impressive service. We have previously unsuccessfully tried to share content with some 35+ markets, but with Falcon the content sharing was done easily and very fast.“

Charlotte H., Social Media & Content Marketing, Lexus Europe

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