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Find out where the action is

There’s a lot going on out there. With Falcon you can search social networks and the internet to find the right people to reach, opportunities to exploit and potential problems to avoid.

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Turn heads with tailored content

Once you’ve found your audiences, our content calendar will help you attract them with the right mix of channels and timing. You can align all your social media management activities in one place.

Boost content marketing

Manage customer satisfaction

You won’t miss important comments or messages with a single inbox for all your social feeds. Priority detection flags the most important messages based on factors such as sentiment. You can use the profile cards of the people you’re interacting with for context.

Empower customer engagement

Know who you’re talking to

Every time someone interacts with your brand on social, the moment is captured on their individual profile card. You get a powerful point of reference to personalize customer experiences and aggregate segments to target. It’s the best customer overview around for driving your social media management strategy.

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30,000+ marketers trust in Falcon

“The ongoing flexibility, support and guidance from the team at Falcon is second to none. It provides us with the reassurance that our global network, local subsidiaries, as well as partner agencies, are fully empowered to effectively engage in their social media efforts, and deliver on our strategic objectives.“

Martin Majlund, Head of Global Marketing Technology, Carlsberg

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