Social Media Management
for Retail Brands.

Social media gives retailers the perfect opportunity to meet customers where they are, build their community, and make shopping easy and enjoyable.

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With our social media platform, you can ensure your brand messages are in front of shoppers when and where they need them.

How Falcon helps you establish awareness and build brand loyalty.

Create, manage and optimize ad campaigns and ad sets that fit your business objectives.

Engage with potential customers or react quickly to new ones.

Deliver more personalized messaging using Audience data.

Schedule all your content in one calendar and align teams and channels.

Monitor brand mentions across social networks.

Observe how your paid, owned and earned content is performing.

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Make your brand stand out.

Our campaign planner makes it easy to map out your social media content—from daily posts to complete campaign rollouts. Wow your customers and keep your brand top of mind with engaging posts and creative social ad campaigns on their preferred social network.

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Get a holistic view of your audience.

Learn more about your customers and what they love. With all your fans and follower data in one place, we’re able to give you a much clearer picture of who your audience is. You get a visual breakdown of data, and you also get to segment you customers, so you can send them targeted messages.

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“54% of social browsers use social media to research products.”

Sell more stuff.

When you connect your brand’s social media networks to Falcon, you unlock a world of marketing opportunities that helps you sell more products. Our content calendar helps you publish across social media channels and show your customers more products they’re sure to love.

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Boost customer loyalty.

Every follower matters. Show you care from your one inbox and capture every opportunity to engage across all your social channels. Our platform helps you manage your online communities with personalized messages and respond swiftly to customer queries.

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Get more output with less effort.

See more engagement, more conversations, and more fans—without more effort. We make it easy to post across channels. With our drag-and-drop post designer, you go from draft to published in minutes. Collaborating with team members is easy as pie. That’s big returns with less work.

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