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Panel: How to Turn Your Fans Into Influencers.

Will Weeks, Kevil Ellul, & Pernille Ejstrup

Will Weeks — Director of Marketing & Technology, Day8
Kevil Ellul — Co-Founder, Glitch
Pernille Ejstrup — Customer Success Manager,

While still considered a new strategy, many brands are already mastering and benefiting from influencer marketing. In fact, most businesses using an influencer marketing strategy see a 7-fold increase in their ROI. For medium- and smaller-sized companies, they simply can’t afford to spend thousands on a Tweet or Instagram post. So how can they make influencer marketing work for them? The solution is to build an organic influencer marketing strategy where influencers (or do we need to call them brand ambassadors?) genuinely interact with the brand without having to pay them.

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