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Social Media as ‘Public Relations 2.0’

It is safe to say that the new way of word-of-mouth marketing is social media marketing. But what happens when PR meets Social?

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Don’t Play Marketing Detective: Here's an ROI Toolkit

We provided a comprehensive summary of the key summit takeaways including a toolkit for ROI calculation in this final session.
Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events & Roberto Lago, Senior Community Marketing Manager

Look Who's Talking to the Boss About ROI Now: Part II

Look Who's Talking to the Boss About ROI Now. This session provided tips for effectively talking, tracking and proving ROI to your boss.
Victoria Miller, VP Global Comms & Camilla Christensen, Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Brandwatch | Falcon.io

Agency (Super)Marketers: Proving the Value of Social

In this agency spotlight, Switch shared their success story and the dual responsibility of owning their own ROI and that of the clients.
Richard Muscat Azzopardi, CEO & Daniel Grant, Director of Growth
Switch | Falcon.io

Putting ROI to Work: UPS Spotlight (B2B)

In this B2B spotlight, UPS shared their success story & the brand's take on ROI. Countless best-practice packages are about to be delivered.
Katie Malone, Social Media Manager & Catherine Hefferan, Strategist
UPS | Falcon.io

Putting ROI to Work: Ford Spotlight (B2C)

In this B2C spotlight, Ford shared their success story and the brand's take on ROI. Automative vertical yes, universal takeaways also yes.
Sarah Holm, Communications, Eric Grenier, Marketing & Roza Tsvetkova, Senior Content Specialist
Ford Motor Company | Falcon.io

Paid Masterclass: How to Measure & Report

Put paid social into practice and single out metrics to work with and tools to use on your journey to ROI measurement.
Mia Valdez, Paid Social Media Buyer & Mikael Lemberg, VP of Product
Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Falcon.io

You're Gonna Need Paid for That: An Overview

You'll need to pay-to-play. This was another show & tell of features across the big networks and experiments worth trying out for paid.
Sai Sumar, Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing Consultant & Max Alley, Premium Customer Success Manager
Sai Sumar | Falcon.io

Organic Masterclass: How to Measure & Report

Put social media organic into practice and single out metrics to work with and tools to use on your journey to ROI measurement.
Jeff Meltz, Manager, Social Media Marketing & Anne Schlichting, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Sony | Falcon.io

Newsflash, Marketers Can Still Achieve Success With Organic: An Overview

There are brands out there winning with organic social tactics. This was a show & tell of features and experiments worth trying organically.
Jill Lain, Director of Paid and Social Media & Emmanuel Lucq, Growth Strategist
Dallas College | Falcon.io

Paid and Organic Sittin’ In a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

What is the difference between paid and organic and why do you need both to make a winning social media strategy?
Jacinta Oliveira, Social Media Manager & Belkys Severino, Customer Success Manager
Philip Morris International | Falcon.io

Growth Without the Guesswork: Measuring ROI Beyond Commercial Sales

How to quantify brand awareness, brand purpose, influencer marketing, content marketing, and...do you even need to?
Tom Phillips, Digital Marketing Manager, Paid Social & Romina Marchetti, Social Media Strategy Consultant
Noodle | Falcon.io

Hey Big Spender, We're Talking to You: Understand How to Budget for Social Media Marketing Efforts

This session covered how to use ROI to calculate a social media budget proactively and reactively depending on performance.
Taylor Ryan, CEO & André Roman, Customer Success Manager
Klint Marketing | Falcon.io