How Marketers Navigated Social Media in 2020

Over the last year, it seemed as though a seismic event was happening in our global society every 20 minutes and across the world, Marketing teams had to move just as fast in order to overcome the new challenges they were faced with. Now as the year ends, join us as we look back at 2020 and review how marketers continue to navigate these uncertain times. We’ll be looking at the data we’ve compiled and see firsthand how strategies continued to change throughout the year. We can learn from the past and use our shared experiences to overcome the challenges the next year is sure to hold.

Thursday, December 17th

10 am ET / 4 pm CET 60 minutes

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In this webinar we focussed on answering:
  • How marketing strategies changed in response to COVID-19 and other events
  • Data insights from how a tumultuous year impacted different marketing teams
  • Trends observed from marketing teams throughout this past year
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