Brand Storytelling: The Key to A Competitive Edge

We all love a good story and, in fact, we are hardwired for them. Personal, relatable and shared stories is what ultimately makes us human and telling your story is also a critical part of building your brand. Storytelling helps shaping how people view you and enables consumers to create a connection with your brand and everything it stands for. Do it right and you’ll be creating a thriving brand that can perdure for the years (and even centuries) to come. We all have a story to tell, though not every story might be relevant to your audience.

Marissa Nardi

Community Marketing Coordinator

Mason Burgin

Social Media Editor

Front Office Sports

Thursday, June 24th

10 am ET / 4 pm CEST 60 minutes

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In this webinar we dove into:  
  • How to build stories that boost your competitive advantage
  • How to translate your story across channels
  • How storytelling can provide authenticity and meaningful connections
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