6 Facebook Experiments Worth Trying in 2021

2.8 billion monthly active users are on Facebook. Of those, 1.3 billion of which call Messenger home. There’s a lot to keep up with if businesses want to fully leverage everything the largest social network has to offer. Yet, many marketers still face four key challenges: unclear market learnings, decreased marketing spend, inconsistent consumer engagement, and shifts in mindshare. We looked across the past year and reviewed today’s winning strategies to collect the right guidance and resources to help you conquer these roadblocks. Facebook/Messenger joined us live on air to zoom into six experiments you can try as we all approach 2021's mid-year review.

Thursday, May 20th

10 am ET / 4 pm CEST 60 minutes

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In this webinar we dove into:  
  • Six marketing experiments generating strong results
  • Features and products marketers love
  • How to build lasting relationships through conversation
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