How to Build a Global Community Online

Alexa, help me build a community, not a following. Since social media usage is up, now is the time to start building that social media empire you've been dreaming of. Online communities build brand awareness, increase leads, and drive conversions. With a clear purpose and the right moderation, these communities can become one of your most powerful marketing channels. In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 forced the last few reluctant marketers to embrace digital transformation. Online and higher education institutions mobilized real quick to foster even stronger online relationships that businesses in almost any industry can learn from. Their ability to adapt to this uncertain and unfamiliar time is why they are now winning the social media community game.

Thursday, May 14th

10 am ET / 4 pm CET 60 minutes

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In this webinar, we focused on:
  • How brands can leverage their digital properties
  • How to adapt messaging and content strategies when your playbook has been ripped up
  • How to create an amazing experience for students who can’t visit your campus
  • How to engage in social learning during quarantine
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