Social Media Data Has Entered The Chat

Every day, thousands across the globe talk about your products, your brand, and your competitors. Now imagine a reality in which you knew what the world is talking about right now. You don’t need a crystal ball to make social media predictions for the future. A marketer’s intuition, backed by social listening and analytics, can do the trick and engage target audiences. The ever-changing consumer, economic and digital landscapes naturally enable social media marketers to develop a hunch about how their brand and audience are impacted by those shifts. To turn a hunch into a real prediction, marketers need to understand how to analyze the growing amounts of data at their disposal. Consumer opinion has changed YoY and historical data is your most reliable friend for social media management, content marketing, crisis management, brand monitoring, customer support and more.

Nick Taylor

Director, Product Marketing


Casper Vahlgren

Senior Strategist

Thursday, July 22

10 am ET / 4 pm CEST 60 minutes

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In this webinar we learned about:

  • How social media platforms can help turn data to business insights
  • How social listening empowers marketers to discover every new trend first
  • How to use your owned data to fine-tune predictions or pivot in a smart direction

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