Webinar - ON-DEMAND

How Social Listening can change your business.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to know what to listen to and when.
  • How to integrate listening into your marketing approach.
  • Ways to aggregate listening across platforms.
  • How to turn listening data into actionable insights.


If you’re crafting and executing a social strategy in a vacuum, your results will be equally hollow. Consumers are on social right now, talking about your brand. Are you listening?

Meet your presenters

  • Paul Dunay

    Marketing Leader, PwC

  • Mikael Lemberg

    Director of Product, Falcon.io

  • Greg Gerik

    CEO & Consultant, Gerik & Company

  • Andrew Ashton

    Digital Strategist,
    Pizza Hut Canada

Watch on-demand to discover how social listening can change the way you do business and create ROI.

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