Webinar - THURSDAY, August 23RD - 10 AM ET / 4 PM CEST

Once Upon a Tweet - Business Storytelling in the Age of Social Media

The notion of storytelling hasn’t changed but the mediums through which we tell the stories have. With the advent of social and ever-evolving consumer attention, you now have to tell a story in new and interesting ways, be it 6 seconds or 60.

In this webinar, we covered:

  • How to evoke scroll-stopping reactions
  • How to publish valuable content on a regular basis
  • The nuances of each social network


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Meet your presenters

  • Spencer Waldron

    Director of Marketing
    and Head of Story,

  • Dino Kuckovic

    Social Media Content Manager,

This duo will share with you that being a great communicator means more than having great conversations.

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