So You Think You Can… UGC

Lots of brands understand the power of user generated content, but fail to do it at scale. This is because sometimes, the hoops a brand needs to jump through in order to properly utilize UGC, feel more like a road block, rather than treasure trove. However, there are huge opportunities when it comes to supercharging organic and paid social with real content created by fans and customers. StoryStream joined us live to discuss practical tips brands can adopt instantly in order to ignite and improve their UGC strategy.

Alex Vaidya

CEO & Co-Founder


Letizia Zappa

Jr Product Marketing Manager

Thursday, November 18th

10 am ET / 4 pm CET 60 minutes

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In this webinar we dove into:  
  • What makes for good UGC
  • How to engage creators and encourage the right type of UGC
  • Practical tips and ideas on how to incorporate UGC into your social strategy
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