Falcon Live: Advertise for Agencies

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Facebook today is primarily a pay-to-play channel. Many companies have realized that, but too few have gotten to the point where they see Facebook advertising as an integrated part of their communication and marketing strategy.
This has created siloed organizations, where media buying teams control budgets, targeting and ROI reporting, while creative teams control content and messaging.

In this live class, you will learn how Falcon’s Advertise can help your agency collaborate better between teams in order to create overall better-performing advertising.

  • Advertising strategy
  • Smart use of data
  • Setting up audiences in Falcon
  • Automatic promotion via Smart labels


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Just want to say thank you!!! We were barely scratching the surface of what we can do. I can’t wait to dig in and play. I’m recommending this live class for the rest of my team.”

– Jackie Fox, HDR, Inc. @HDR_Inc


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