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Live! Lessons from Going Live Around the World

What is it that makes a live video successful? Get actionable tips on how to go live using services like Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube.

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User-Generated Content

Users increasingly prefer peer reviews more than the word of brands. UGC is exploding in 2022 at a time when brand trust is quite low.
Geoffrey Brown, Marketing Manager

Improved Inclusivity

Conversations around DEI initiatives have been in high gear since 2020. There is increased demand for accessibility and inclusive marketing.
Lauren Thomas, Sr. Marketing Manager, Social Media

Audio Activity

Every major social network is working on or has introduced a live audio functionality. Their use cases need to go from clone to success story ASAP!
Adriana Hemzacek, Director of Marketing, North America
Icomera US

Social Support

Consumers are fast turning to social media for 1:1 customer service instead of waiting 24 hours for an email response. Sounds appealing?
Cristina Armand, Digital Marketing Manager
Miami International Airport

Cross-Generational Marketing

Some marketers discount boomers and Gen X while others don't get Gen Z. Not focusing on any one generation could be wasted potential.
Matthew Klassen, Content Marketing Manager

Snackable Content

With attention spans declining and social media noise only increasing, snackable content is one big trend for 2022 and beyond.
Sasha Desai, Social Media Editor

Niche Communities

Users are moving away from social media and its noise to niche communities around shared experiences like GWS, Reddit, Twitter, & co.
Kasandrea Sereno, Founder & Executive Director
Higher Ed Social

Influencer Commerce

Consumers increasingly trust peer reviews more than branded content, making influencers drive social commerce in 2021/2022.
Hashim Javaid, Account Director (EMEA)
The Influencer Marketing Factory

Mixed Reality

The real and the virtual blend together to provide new experiences and events like social retail stores, hybrid events and AR.
Marina Chilingaryan, Brand Strategist

Bonus Trends

10 trends made the cut in our 2022 digital marketing trends eBook but there is always more. And here we'll discuss those you care about most.
Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events

Retro Revolution

The pandemic has made consumers crave the familiar. Nostalgia marketing is already a trend in 2021, and it will only continue next year.
Daniel Blaser, Head of Content Marketing

2021 Trends Review

How did we do with our 2021 digital marketing trend predictions? That’s not an exercise for the faint-hearted – nothing stayed the same.
Dino Kuckovic, Director of Community & Events