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Live! Lessons from Going Live Around the World

What is it that makes a live video successful? Get actionable tips on how to go live using services like Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube.

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Yearly Reflections: Looking Back Over 2020

Which of the 2020 digital marketing trends predicted did we get right and which were a miss?
Dino Kuckovic & Roberto Lago Mortensen

The Year of Disruption: Social-in-Place

When the whole world is focused on the same thing, we rely on social media to express ourselves and feel connected.
Mikael Lemberg & Lukas Bartscherer | Roche

Ephemeral Content: Point, Shoot, Story

Crafting something that will disappear is naturally counterintuitive to marketing. But Stories have the FOMO effect, it provokes users to take an action faster.
Sandra Busch & Bryna Corcoran | Lyft

A Fork in the Advertising Road

Can privacy and personalization coexist and should marketers be satisfied with trading reach for relevance is the million-dollar question?
Kiril Kirov & Matthew Strelitz | Miami HEAT

The Rising Tide of Social Commerce

Both at-home shopping and social media usage have created the perfect storm for social commerce to flourish.
Veena Ramakrishnan & Liat Karpel Gurwicz | Wix

The Expanding World of AR

Augmented reality is more than a buzzword. Move over human influencers; virtual beings might be the next-gen in the near future of marketing.
Andrius Knispelis & Madeleine Hall | Little, Brown Book Group

Data Privacy: Under the Microscope

Marketers should embrace data privacy and not view it as an obstacle. This will help shift the focus from short-term leads to long-lasting trust and brand value.
Mette Louise Schmidt & Amalie Paludan | Kromann Reumert

Niche Social Media Platforms Like TikTok

Do you get in on the fun or sit back and let others figure out a new platform first? What are the perks of going niche and when not to?
Emmanuel Lucq & Billy Boulia | rbb Communications

Outspoken Brand Activism

Is brand activism good for business? The short answer is: it depends yet experts recommend brand activism over brand neutrality.
Shruti Ramanujam & Nils Knoop | Ben & Jerry's

Diverse Video Formats Open New Doors

What makes a great video? What keeps viewers engaged? Is it a good story? Or maybe it’s all about reaching the right audience at the right time.
Wiebke Leffers & Melissa Yang | TikTok

Social Media as ‘Public Relations 2.0’

It is safe to say that the new way of word-of-mouth marketing is social media marketing. But what happens when PR meets Social?
Daniel Chessa & Maggie Lower | Cision

Why Customer Experience is Vital to Goodyear

Looking for a new social media tool? Digital marketing expert Samir Militao discusses why Falcon is the best tool for Goodyear
Samir Militao